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Troškūnai St Trinity Church and Bernardine Monastery


In 1696 Vladislovas Sakalauskas, the owner of Troškūnai Manor, invited Bernardine monks to come to the town and initiated the construction of the new church according to the project of the architect Martin Knakfus. The church was completed in the late 18th century and inside the church there is a painting of the Blessed Mary the Queen of Rosary, famous for its grace. Near the church there is an ensemble of the monastery built during the same century.


  • Rūta

    Jauki ir šilta aplinka, ramybė, nuoširdūs darbuotojai paliko labai mielus įspūdžius. Kun. Sauliaus vestos mišios buvo iškilmingos ir praturtinačios nuo darbo pavargusius protus. Esame dėkingi.

  • Me

    Ačiū, praleidom nuostabų savaitgalį. Buvo nuostabūs koncertai ir labai gražios mišios. Esu dėkinga klebonui Sauliui ir festivalio organizatoriams. Ačiū labai.

  • An
    Antonio Carvalho

    I was part of a group of youngsters who was in Troskunai in 1994, taking part in a UWC Short Course, organised in partnership with the Soros Foundation. One of our activities was to help with the refurbishment of the Monastery. I have very fond memories of the time spent in this magical place, and look forward to visiting soon.