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The Homestead-Museum of the Writer Jonas Biliūnas


The Farmstead-Museum of the Writer Jonas Biliūnas is an authentic witness of the creative origins of the pioneer of Lithuanian lyrical prose. The environment makes one think about what makes the works of the writer Jonas Biliūnas so special – the warmth of his home, the injustice, and forgiveness, the hardness of his heart and compassion, the treatment of the weak and the longing for happiness. The museum exhibits things owned by Biliūnai family, the writer's books, photos and wood carvings by folk artists based on the author's writings.

to the J. Biliūnas Museum: 1,50 €
For pupils, students, and pensioners 1,00 €

* valid for a group of 4-7 people from 1-2 adults and 2-6 people from 7 to 18 years old.

Educational program in J. Biliūnas homestead-museum 2,00 €
For pupils, students, pensioners  1,50 € 



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