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The original building, surrounded by and old park stands not far from the centre of Anykščiai, harmoniously combining the features of the old and the new architecture. That is the Chapel of the Old Cemetery of Anykščiai – one of a few buildings of Anykščiai, dating back to the mid-19th century. It is believed that the Chapel was built in 1858 on the tombs of the family of Venclavovičiai, the Counts of Burbiškis Manor. The building is a monument of a fashionable architecture and literature. In the writing piece of A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas “Vėžys”, there is a story written about Countess Kristina Štčech, and how she initiated the works of the chapel. When the graveyard was closed and the chapel started to disappear, there was a new project organised, which included the cover of the chapel, so it would not fall apart. Today the chapel is the home for a modern architecture and culture. Many events take place throughout the year: classic music concerts, meetings with the artists, various lectures, etc. On the second floor there are exhibitions of a professional and folk art.

Working hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 – 17:00 ; Friday 8:00 – 15:45.