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The forest made famous by the poem The Forest of Anykščiai, written by Antanas Baranauskas, is visited by everyone who comes to Anykščiai.

The forest begins at the southern outskirts of Anykščiai city and continues in a not very wide (about 1 km) strip on both sides of the Šventoji river for almost 9 km towards Kurkliai town. The relief of the forest is very intricate with hills, pockets, and slopes of Pašventupiai, carved with deep ditches. These ditches are the riverbeds of several springs – Marčiupys, Piktupis, Išplėstravis, Vingerštynė, Pakalnytė, Paramavietė, Gaugarys, Pašaltupys, Limenė and Šlavė. Šlavė sometimes penetrates deeply into the ground (sometimes even reaching 25 meter deep) between high shores and exposures.

There are no other exposures in Lithuania, which would reveal traces of as much as three eras, which have witnessed the times of armored prehistoric fish, continental regime and tropical climate.