Anykščiai Art Incubator


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Working hours:
I 08:00 — 17:00 Lunch: 12:00 — 12:45
II 08:00 — 17:00 Lunch: 12:00 — 12:45
III 08:00 — 17:00 Lunch: 12:00 — 12:45
IV 08:00 — 17:00 Lunch: 12:00 — 12:45
V 08:00 — 15:45 Lunch: 12:00 — 12:45

The public institution Anykščiai Art Incubator is an institution and an art studio uniting all kinds of artists. The Art incubator is established in the territory of Anykščiai place of a manor, close to Anykšta stream, in a school building, where Antanas Vienuolis-Žukauskas, a well-known write used to work. There are 13 artists established in the art incubator – graphic designers, photographers, the makers of the natural cosmetics, handicraftsman, the designers of applied textile and the designer of ceramics and glass. The Incubator encourages entrepreneurship of artists by organising various trainings and seminars on marketing, management and other topics. The workshops of the artists are open for visitors or potential buyers. Educational programmes take place in the exhibition hall (the therapy of smell, the making of a lip balm, the demonstration of crafts and painting on silk). 
The Art Incubator also rents premises for conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other events.



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