Anykščiai - visit today!

What to see in Anykščiai this weekend?

Anykščiai - visit today!

When the warmer weather comes, you want to fly home! After a long period of boring and gray quarantine, museums, art galleries and entertainment open their doors resolutely to visitors! Anykščiai offers a great spring plan for travelers thirsty for adventure and entertainment.

A renewed MUSEUM OF ANGELS awaits people of artistic soul! He has not only modernized the exposition, but also prepared a cognitive route and two exhibitions for you, which can be admired live from March 23. An unknown exhibition of paintings by Rimas Zigmas Bičiūnas and a walking route “After the Sculptor” with sculptures by sculptor Romualdas Inčirauskas are waiting for visitors.

Saturday, March 27, is the day when, after a break of several months, the doors of the most popular museum in Anykščiai region - the HORSE MUSEUM in Niūronys - will be opened to visitors again. The museum will once again introduce you to the old crafts, the daily life of the old people, the evolution of the horse. The exposition attracts not only adults, but also children, for whom there is a playground! Over the next month, the Horse Museum will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. without prior registration, taking all necessary precautions to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

Centennial SIAURUKAS is available to visitors again! It is a museum that has preserved the spirit of the last, twentieth century. The history of the narrow-gauge railway, over hundreds of photographs and significant documents, has been preserved here. In the museum you can try out the exhibits again and see the famous steam locomotive "Kukuška". Can you visit the Narrow Gauge Museum by registering in advance?

HISTORY MANOR , having prepared new educations, is already looking forward to visiting! This mansion is an educational space for all children and non-children who love stories and secrets. In a mansion, not like in a museum, it is just necessary to touch everything here! The interactively arranged exposition of the History Manor allows visitors to present known historical facts from an unexpected angle. A ghost is said to live in his dark basement! You can only visit the History Manor with pre-registration.

The famous TREE TREE TRAIL invites you to climb to the tops of the trees and breathe in the fresh air of Anykščiai thicket. The Tree Crown Trail complex, which has been operating for more than five years, ensures that you will remember the time spent here, and the nearby Rope Bridge and Puntukas Stone will definitely brighten your trip. Everyone who loves nature and its beauty is invited!

ROGUČIAI TRACK on Kalita Hill will open from April 1! The only such attraction in Lithuania, tempting to go down the fun roller coaster and feel new and unexpected emotions. After winter sleep, racing with the wind on a 500-meter-long track at 40 km / h will be even more fun and extreme!

Anykščiai, having prepared surprises and innovations, is looking forward to all returning visitors. After all, nowhere is it as good to come back and have fun as in Anykščiai!


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